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We provide guidance and consultation on product development and planning - from the initial idea stages all the way to a winning final product.
We specialize in product design, mechanical design, and electromechanical design, plastics, packaging, end-product quality product modeling with the utmost consideration for industrial design as your project moves from development to pre-production and final ongoing production stages.

Our Activities

Planning and Design

Product specification and feasibility studies, including assessment of market research, analysis of findings and high-quality product imaging, with an emphasis on user experience and user interface (UX/UI).


From imaging to production, the entire prototype construction process is conducted in our labs and workshops, which are adapted to the highest standards of product modeling, providing a solution for a broad range of engineering fields, including electronics, mechanical design, finite element analysis, taking into consideration the transition from development to production.

Mass Production

Managing production lines, connection to manufacturing plants and workshops, quality control and product delivery to destinations in Israel and abroad.

Our Specialties - One Stop Shop

Guidance and Consulting

We strive to provide consulting services throughout the entire development period, building a business plan, performing a feasibility study, and custom-tailoring the process to the entrepreneur and the company.

Patent Registration and Editing

We are fully-equipped to aid in the critical patent process, including patent registration and patent editing. A patent is an idea which embodies innovation. We have the experience to navigate this process in order to receive credit which protects the patent owner and prevents its use by competitors.

Quality Control

We offer clients a complete, immediate, and efficient response. We never outsource work to any third-party companies, instead applying all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated to the extensive and rigorous process, ensuring that ultimately the client leaves satisfied that meticulous quality-control practices have been applied at every stage of the product development process.

Finding Investors

Investments have long been vital to our operations. For years, we have specialized in this complex process, so crucial to a project’s success. Just a few of the critical components in this area in which we provide services include crowdfunding, one-pagers, investor presentations, aid in enlisting investors, investor meeting preparation, and more.

Our Product Development – Designs

אולר מודרני
ערכה המשלבת הטענה מנייד לנייד, סוללה ניידת חיבורי הטענה של כל סוגי הניידים, מברג, פותחן בקבוקים / קופסאות, סכין ופנס.
טבעת חכמה
טבעת משולבת נורות לד המתריעה על התרחקות מהנייד במקרה של אובדן / גניבה / שיכחה של הנייד על ידי מנגנון רטט.
מברגה מקדחה משולב משחזה
שילוב של משחזה המתאימה לכל מקדחה / מברגה על ידי מתאם מיוחד.
רולר גרין
רולר לתיקוני צבע. קל לניקוי לאחר שימוש, במצב סגור הצבע לא מתייבש.
מנגנון הרמה וניקוי אוטומטי לאסלה
מתקן המרים את האסלה, מחטא ומייבש אותה, הפעולה מתבצעת באופן אוטומטי על ידי לחיצה על פדל.
מגלגל סיגריות אלקטרוני
מגלגל סיגריות חשמלי ואוטומטי שלא מצריך חיבור לחשמל, ניתן לגלגל מספר רב של סיגריות באופן אוטומטי.
מתאם לשלט של אפל TV
מתאם שמעניק נוכחות ונפח למניעת איבוד של השלט הקטן, מגן עליו בנפילות, המדמה אחיזת ג'ויסטיק של קונסולת משחקים.
למניעת שימוש בנייד בזמן נהיגה.
תותב תוך לשדי
תותב שמשקם עצמות ארוכות במקרה של שבר, מדובר במכאניזים זעיר שתוכנן, פותח ונבנה בחברתנו.


Dr. Yeshayahu Benedict, CEO & owner of Benedict Orthopedics, Inc.

“After registering a worldwide patent for a bone-restoring prosthesis, I met unsuccessfully with a few medical-equipment companies to try to have them build a prototype.

After about a year and a half I found Jenko, and within just two weeks, they managed to build a prototype with a tiny, brilliant mechanism! At that moment, I realized the true meaning of out-of-the-box thinking.

Thanks to Jenko, I’m looking forward to reaching patients all over the world.”

Amit Green - Private Entrepreneur

“I had some ideas in my head for a while.  When I came to Jenko, I realized I’d found the perfect place for my ideas.

At our first meeting, we discussed risk management, goal-setting, and my expectations for the whole process from the idea to the final product.

I’ve found a company that was able to take my raw idea and develop it into a final product with the potential to succeed.  And they did it all with caring, out-of-the-box thinking, dedication, and uncompromising professionalism. I strongly recommend that every entrepreneur, company, and business start their project by meeting with Jenko.  I’m absolutely sure that, like me and so many others, you’ll know what I mean when I say I felt completely at home with them.”

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