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Who We Are?

Jenko develop & design products in accordance with the ever-changing needs of our diverse customers

We specialize in industrial design, engineering development, product design and engineering, electronics, electromechanical, research and development, packaging, transfer from development to production, technology-management services (CTO).

Jenko Team

We develop products from the fields of medicine, plastics, electronics, gadgets, and more.

Jenko guides entrepreneurs all the way from the initial idea stages to full production and product marketing.

We conduct:

  • Specification & product Characteristics
  • Engineering Design
  • Prototype building
  • Patent search
  • Patent writing
  • Investor recruiting
  • Mass production and marketing

Jenko 3D Engineering is an ultimate solution for any entrepreneur or company looking to develop a product, no matter what stage they are in, what the needs are and what completions need to be made. We are interested in providing a one-stop shop, a comprehensive envelope through which the customer receives an answer to everything.

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Yigal Alon 82 Floor #7, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 6789124 , Israel+972 076-5303590

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