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We provide guidance and consultation on product development and planning - from the initial idea stages all the way to a winning final product



High speed & pressure Compressor system, 20cm length

Baby Safe

Baby Safe

A system with easy installation in the vehicle, which alerts the driver by sending a message to the cellphone that he has forgotten the child in the vehicle


Display Case for Guitar

A luxurious carrying system for the guitar, which allows on the one hand to move the guitar in a convenient and innovative way and on the other hand to present the guitar as a display


Green Roller

Color correction roller. Easy to clean after use, the color does not dry when closed


Modern Pocketknife

A kit that combines mobile charging, mobile battery, charging connections for all types of mobile devices, screwdriver, bottle / box opener, knife and flashlight

Smart ring

Shooter Detection System

A real-time firing detection system that alerts about firing occurring near the detector

Cutting disk attachment

Cutting Disk Attachment

A variation of a Cutting disk suitable for any drill / screwdriver due to a special adapter

Cateter cutting mechanism

Catheter Securement Device

The world’s first Foley catheter stabilizer which actively prevents possible damage to the bladder and urethra from accidental urinary catheter extraction (

Smart ring

Smart Ring

A ring that combines LED bulbs that warn of distancing from the mobile by a vibration mechanism in case of loss / theft / forgetting of the mobile

Apple TV Adapter

Apple TV Adapter

An adapter that provides presence and volume to prevent the loss of the little remote, protects it from falls, simulating a game console joystick

Obstacle detection system

Obstacle Detection System

An electronic system that installed in the mobile phone cover and alerts the user from obstacles along the way while using the cellphone

E-cigarette roller

E-cigarette Roller

Electric and automatic e-cigarette roller that does not require an electrical connection, you can roll many cigarettes automatically

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